Your active and efficient engineering partner 

Today LLC Main Cement Technology is your active and efficient engineering partner which uses the modern technologies and possibilities of management and engineering to solve complicated technological projects in the sphere of industrial engineering for enterprises of cement industry.
LLC Main Cement Technology has been successfully working at the market of cement industry for several years already, the main principles of work are included in its name - the abbreviation of MCT bears the substantial meaning - "Main Cement Technologies" including the processes: starting from creation of the idea of technological re-equipment of production capacity of the cement company up to modern engineering service allowing to plan the production activity of your business under the principles of quality management, optimizing all resource risks and unconsidered expenses on maintaining and updating of resources of industrial cement production.
LLC Main Cement Technology carries out the engineering projects on production and supply of not only a wide range of processing equipment and a set of technical solutions, but also uses equipment of the highest quality, the latest microprocessor design tools, schedules and a logistic means at all stages of industrial cement production. Such projects allow our clients to get final products of high quality, to eliminate resource expenses, to optimize all systems of estimation of technological risks, to create favorable conditions of investment into the newest trends of industrial production.