Main Cement Technology project started from large-scale deliveries of the modern processing equipment for cement enterprises in the second decade of the 21st  century, during the period of rapid development of innovative engineering in our country. This fact certainly influenced its strategic formation and development.

Strategic objective of MCT is the creation of client-oriented business holding focused on well-timed provision with innovative processing equipment of cement enterprises for the purposes of modernization, introduction of investment decisions on strategic development of resource base of enterprises, new systems of the planned development of customers’ material assets. 

The main tasks of MCT activity include

• To prove and realize design decisions on development of dynamic and mobile competitiveness in production and resource complexes in the cement market on the basis of the appearing competitive advantages for the clients;

• To support production processes and system of sales for continuous expansion of the company’s sales market;

• To calculate each client’s project in accordance with the partner principles of "client marketing", taking into account the optimization of expenses at all levels of design project development.

We constantly follow the needs of key groups of clients working in sector of cement production, form new modern types of the equipment and methods of design decisions on delivery of the production processing equipment under the planned order of the client. Our company guarantees a high level of quality of the delivered technological resources and equipment, realization of terms under contract within rigid terms of delivery and logistic processes.

In 2014 MCT carried out successfully the projects and contracts with such large customers as: JSC SUKHOLOZHSKTCEMENT - producer of cement, the best in the Ural region, LLC Sibirsky Cement Trading House – a significant developing holding company on production and supply of high-quality cement and building materials in Russia. Our design decisions transfer clients to the category of loyal partners because we form not only mature sets of supplies of the equipment, but also combine the client’s benefit in the segments of quality of technical deliveries and price offers.         

The branch of MCT company has been operating since April, 2014 in Krasnodar. It is engaged in problems of complex and efficient service of the clients in the Southern region of the Russian cement market. The present priorities of activity of the MSTechnology company include engineering, promoting and development of supplies of the complicated production and technological projects, referring to the formation of investment projects in cement industry with participation of foreign investors. Active and efficient negotiations of MCT managers in this respect allow to form fruitful partnership with clients both concerning the current supplies of equipment and in realizing the prospective engineering projects in cement industry of Europe and the Southeast of the planet.