A contract is signed with our partners from Central Asia for delivery of bearing block (400 tons). The block assembly is launched at the production site in Volgograd.

A contract is concluded with our partners in East Asia for delivery of ОР-4000 support roller. The roller is available from the warehouse of our enterprise in Volgograd. The shipment is planned within the shortest possible period of time.

OP-6600 bearing roller, type ч.1238., has been shipped to our partners from the Volga Federal District. The roller has been supplied from the stock of our production site located in the City  

 10 reels and 20 headers have been shipped to our partner in the Central Federal District. The equipment has been manufactured at our production site in the City of Volgograd.

 Our company has shipped a girth gear for the A-2400 reduction gear and 2 coupling rings for the output shaft of the A-2400 reduction gear under the supply agreement signed with our partners from the North Caucasian Federal District.

 Our company has shipped t an input shaft for the ЦТ-2900 reduction gear to our partners in the North Caucasian Federal District.

 The terms of the contract for the manufacture of grab bucket drums (4 pcs.), gears (4 pcs.) and sleeves have been fulfilled. The equipment has been sent to our partners to the plant in the East Asian Region.

A contract for the supply of a 3.2x15m mill head has been signed with our Asian partners. The equipment was brought into production.