The contract for drilling of bores on a loading cover of the mill 3,2х15 m was signed.

The contract for supply of the furnace diameter 5 m was signed with our foreign partners.

The contract for repair and renewal operations with a mill 3,2х15 m coupling shaft was signed.

The contract for resurfacing of the ball crushers MShRGU and MShTs end walls pivots, at the metallurgical plant of the southern part of Russia was signed.

Delivery of the liner for a roll crusher was carried out within the execution of the obligations under the signed contract with a Siberian metallurgical company.

Contract for the supply of the bearing bloc of the furnace 4,5m was signed with our Kazakhstan partners.

Contract for supply of the components for a bearing block OR-4000 was signed.

Contract for supply of the crusher SMD-97А was concluded.