Technological principles of Main Cement Technology: 

CONSTANT ENGINEERING RELEVANCE: New products of industrial engineering represent a key part of corporate and organizational culture of MCT from the date of its foundation. The company has constantly training, innovative and strong R&D team, which unites high-skilled managers, engineers and designers possessing great practical experience in specialized projects, which are confirmed with contracts and serious scientific and technical achievements in the sphere of cement industry.

COORDINATION of INTERESTS: Projects of delivery of the equipment take into consideration not only the technological and mechanical principles, but also combine the resource security with updating of commercial interests of partners or clients. Many of the presented design decisions have already had a positive reputation on the internal market and outside Russia.

APPLICATION of CME latest projects include MTW mills, vertical mills, hydraulic rotor crushers, mobile crushers on track, jaw crushers of JC series, etc.

• The PURPOSE of the COMPANY is COMMITMENT TO EXCELLENCE:  combining the excellent quality of the equipment and design decisions and maximum satisfaction of clients and partners commercial interests. And we are sure to provide and get in turn honest and confident cooperation and development with the partners.