Services on calibration.

Manufacturing enterprises of the 21st century can’t exist without modern measuring instruments nowadays. Our company provides a full range of services for metallurgical, cement and other industries: 


• Calibration of rollers of the rolling-mills

• Calibration of straight-mold machines

• Expert study of geometry of the existing equipment

• Surveying  maintenance of all assembly works during repair and reconstruction of production processes

• Control of geometry of all parts

• Determination of shaft misalignment, alignment

• Calibration of axes of rotary kilns 

• Calibration of rollers of stuff engines

• Adapting of constructions before welding


 To consider these tasks we use the most exact mobile measuring equipment: absolute laser tracker Leica AT402, industrial tacheometer Leica TDRA6000 and a set of the special measuring equipment.

As an example we will describe the services our company renders on calibration and after-sales service of rotary kilns.


    A drum-type rotary is an industrial furnace of a cylinder form designed for processing of fine grade materials.

 Like any rotating body, the kiln has its own axis of rotation. When we speak about geometry of the kiln, one of the main conditions of its correct work is alignment  of its sluggers - all centers of the sluggers shall lie along one line. The second main condition for the kiln’s correct operation is a parallelism of roller support of the kiln’s axis. 

In case of non-observance of these parameters while the working process of the kiln one can face the following problems: the increased and uneven wear of surface of the sluggers and rollers, decrease of service lifetime of bearings of roller bearings, increase of energy consumption while the kiln’s rotation, the increased wear of refractoriness and a metal housing of the kiln which can lead to an accident and its further heavy overhaul. The majority of these problems can be easily eliminated in case of well-timed service maintenance: reconditioning of the surfaces of rollers and sluggers by grinding and afterwards the instrumental calibration of the kiln.

     Allowance for setting-up geometrical parameters of kilns and drums are rather strict as a rule it is - 0.1 - 0.2 mm \m. And if we need to reach 1-2 mm for setting-up the sluggers at one axis then the task is not very complex, but when it is necessary to set up rollers parallel to the kiln’s axis with an accuracy of 0.05-0.10 mm/m it becomes much more difficult.  


    A general list of works which are performed at the stage of inspection of the kiln:shar

• Determination of misalignment of the centers of the sluggers;

• Determination of non-parallelism of roller bearings of the kiln’s axis;

• Determination of the relative position of gear wheels of crown pair;

• Determination of radial and longitudinal play of a crown-wheel;

• Determination of noncylindricity of the kiln’s housing;

• Determination of the tyre ovality;

• Leveling of position and orientation of elements of the kiln’s drive: engine, gear box and the intermediate shaft;

• Inspection of the kiln’s housing to identify the attenuation of its walls;

• Determination of the places with the greatest power losses for the hot working kilns, drawing up a thermal-imaging cartogram;

• Making up reports and recommendations for elimination of problems.


 If it is necessary upon the inspection of the kiln we are ready to offer the following services:

• Surface reconditioning of  retainer ring and rollers (build-up welding, regrinding);

• Leveling of the kiln’s axis by moving the roller bearings;

• Setting up a necessary rake of the kiln’s axis;

• Leveling of the position and orientation of the roller bearings;

• Leveling of the gearing of the kiln.

To solve the majority of tasks, there is no need to stop of working industrial units. Equipment leveling can be carried out during the work of mechanisms; this process is known as "high-temperature leveling". This fact allows to work without stopping the production process and, thus, to avoid unproductive time.

If you are interested in service maintenance of rotary kilns, you can always address to us. We guarantee the accuracy of the solution of the given task!