arge-scale introduction of new technologies into the cement industry and development of the modern technologies of equipment supply and complex technology solutions market are possible due to the sustainable development of all elements of the production line-up of innovative products of cement industry: starting from relevant scientific research works in cement production up to mass industrial production of cement in various ways. Transfer of the engineering technologies under formation (results of R&D work) means transfer of the specific information regarding regulations of the production site, description of technological processes, necessary processing and auxiliary equipment for realization of administrative or commercial purposes of the customer. Ending of technology transfer supposes the industrial equipment engineering, creation, supply, assembly and handover to production for a start of new and modernized product lines under the given parameters.

Working with Main Cement Technology, you’ll get a sophisticated solution of production engineering tasks.

MCT functions:


• detailed collecting and studying of input data, the analysis of information for further engineering

• surveying and engineering cement production industry 

• drawing up a design assignment for the project and tenders, including international ones

• development of project and design documentation

• construction of production equipment and industrial facilities

• development of innovative solutions with the further transfer of technologies to the customer 


• delivery and assembly of the production equipment

• organization of delivery of a complete set of equipment and spare parts to the production site 


• general contractor services 

• assembly of the production equipment

• commissioning

• engineering of systems